S.G., former client

“I can’t say or thank you enough!! The situation we were in was meant to make us feel powerless and afraid. We knew we had been taken advantage of but we had no clue what our rights were or if we could do anything about it. I am so thankful we found you when we did. Your confidence and skill helped us feel strong and optimistic. Watching you run circles around their lawyer was also incredibly entertaining!! We had a pit-bull in our corner against their Chihuahua. Thank you!!”

Paul M., former client

“This firm is amazing. Steve Sommers’s commitment and diligence is unsurpassed. I had been fighting my ex-business partner for 6 years and gone through 3 lawyers, one of which messed up my case royally. Steve took my case and resolved it in a year. Without him I would still be running circles around the legal system. Thank you!!!”

S.A., former client

“The best part about working with Steve Sommers was knowing that someone who really cared was standing up for me. Steve and his team were responsive and dedicated to my case and seriously focused on research and strategy. They helped make the process as painless as possible and were always available for my questions and concerns – we even had a few laughs along the way! I always felt like I was in extremely capable hands.”

D.B., former client

“Defendant’s counsel offered to settle as soon as they knew that who was counsel for the plaintiffs. Working with Stephen Sommers was a rewarding experience. I was confident relying on his judgment. He kept me informed through the entire process. I came to Stephen with an employer-related disability problem. During my initial interview, Stephen discovered that my employer had incorrectly classified me as exempt (salaried). I should have been classified as non exempt (paid for overtime). My employer owed me many thousands of dollars for unpaid overtime.