California Supreme Court hears argument on Marriage Equality this morning

I believe the time is right for the California Supreme Court to throw-out Proposition 8 and the influence of the out-of-state hate-peddlers that financed its deceptive campaign.

I'm heartened to see all the gatherings in support of overthrowing Proposition 8. If there was ever a time when the California Supreme Court should overthrow a referendum, this is it.

I'm heartened to see all the interest and support for the overturning of Prop 8. On the website, there is a list of 31 cities and towns holding vigils and other demonstrations. There is also touching and poignant video on the site, that if you haven't seen, I highly encourage you to take a few minutes to watch them. This is the Civil Rights issue of our time. At this point in time, it is fairly common knowledge that Prop 8 was nearly entirely financed by out-of-state ideological right-wingers, who chose California for this battle, when they don't even live here. Well, I say it's our state, and the Court today should overthrown Prop 8 not just because it's a dirty, shameful and hateful proposition, but because California's values were subverted by a deceptive campaign run by outsiders.

I marked time off in my calendar to watch the oral arguments from the Court's website. The interest level is apparently so high, that I can't get on. I can also hear helicopters flying around outside my office window, so I assume there are large gatherings. I'll have to wait to hear about it later today. We don't know what the Court will do, but let's keep hoping for the right outcome. I do know this, if the Court does not strike Prop 8, we will overturn it next election!