Empowering our clients

We are often asked how we can represent small businesses while also representing employees suing their employers. Isn't that contradictory? A little history will put this into its proper context. When Matt started practicing law as a solo practitioner in 1995, he had two types of clients: employees suing their employers (or victims of police misconduct suing the police) and small businesses needing assistance in starting up their company or with an ongoing problems. In both circumstances, the overriding goal was and is to help the clients develop more power in their lives. For the litigant who has been fired by their employer or beaten by the police, the goal of the firm is to restore their dignity and self-respect and to end the litigation not just favorably financially to our client, but to ensure they take back their power. For the small business owner, we want to help him or her grow their business, develop a "green" or sustainable business model, and operate ethically. That means complying with wage and hour laws, environmental regulations and other laws designed to protect the community. Ideally, our clients who start out as plaintiffs in a lawsuit will consider opening their own small business and find a path that is passionate and community-serving. In this day and age and particularly with the current depressed economic conditions, we see ourselves as more than just attorneys. We want to take responsibility for what happens in our community. By fighting for our clients and counseling them about their lives, we are fulfilling our goal of taking on that responsibility positively, and with courage and humility.