Sexual Harassment

While most working environments have come a long way regarding gender equality, at Kumin Sommers LLP, unfortunately, we still find astounding numbers of Bay Area employers that permit sexual hostile work environments.

Employers are required to monitor and maintain hostile-free work environments. This not only includes the traditional scenario of a male supervisor making unwanted sexual advances on female subordinates, but any combination. The attorneys of Kumin Sommers LLP have represented clients in all gender dynamics, such as employees subjected to same-sex harassment and male subordinates subjected to harassment from female supervisors.

Generally, there are two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile environment. Quid pro quo harassment is a situation where a supervisor demands sexual favors in exchange for favorable treatment, or under the threat of unfavorable treatment. Hostile environment is a situation where an employee is surrounded by either a pervasive unwanted sexualized work environment, or is victimized by a severe sexual incident.