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V2 Vs Blu E-cigs: Which One to Take for a Long Trip?

V2 Vs Blu E cigs V2 Vs Blu E cigs: Which One to Take for a Long Trip?

There are a number of products available in the market nowadays. Most of them are competing for their own place in the market. Every brand is marketing their products and leaves the consumer wondering which one to buy. The following review of V2 cigs and Blu cigs will make it easier for you to compare the two leading brands in the industry today.

If you are new to the world of vaping and don’t have a clue what all this all about than simply log on to these websites — and —. You can search the catalogue for all that we are going to talk about today. You can browse the products and read the reviews then you will know what we are talking about here. You can avail the discount offers buy using V2 and Blu eCigs coupon codes

There can be a lot that can be said about both Blu and V2 products available to their consumers. Both have their pros and cons. V2 has an amazing range of starter kits at reasonable pricing. But when it comes to travelling and the convenience to carry your ecigs during travel, Blu is the winner.

The Blu charger kit is a great travelling case. It is small and can fit into your pocket. The V2 charger case is large and much more bulky. Their travel charger is good and much better than V2. You do not need to carry all the added wall adapter and you do not have to screw in your ecig to charge its battery. Just put your ecig into the charging case. A light will glow indicating that your e-cig is charging.

Both V2 and Blu are involved in production of disposable ecigs. These are easy to carry ecigs that do not require refilling. You can carry it anywhere and throw them after use. These give at least a hundred puffs and last as much as your pack of regular Cigarettes. The disposable ecigs by Blu are much better than the V2 ones because of its easy accessibility.  Blu disposable ecigs are easily available in any of the gas stations, malls and grocery shops.

So, there you have it. While V2 has a lot of flavors or vapor quality advantage over Blu, but when it comes in terms of travelling with an e-cigarette Blu ecigs wins hands down.

If this review has found you any way in a position to buy either V2 or Blu products, then don’t wait up, log on to these websites —- now. Look for things that you can buy and have them at your doorstep. Avail added discount by using coupon codes. Not only that you can also use promo codes to get more from your online shopping experience. So hurry up and order now!

Cheapest Starter Kits – Apollo, Halo and V2

E-cig starter kits are now very helpful for the smokers. This is because it helps in leaving the usual tobacco smoking. Nowadays, even the doctors suggest to take the help of using starter kits to leave the harmful tobacco smoking. As the popularity of the starter kits have been increased rapidly, the competition has been increased through the existing companies. It has decreased the price of the e-cig starter kits drastically. However, the facilities have not decreased, rather it has increased to a great extent. Apollo, Halo, and V2 all these three are providing fully featured starter kits with the cheapest price. In comparison to the other available e-cig starter kits in the market, these three brands are more popular and effective as seen in the reviews.

Price Review of Apollo E Cigs, Halo, and V2

Price matters a lot when you are going to use a new thing. As starter kits are of different brands and of different types, people will search for the best featured one with a convenient price. I am going to show you a clear details of the price of above mentioned brands. Apollo, Halo, and V2 all these three e-cig starter kits are of great demand in the market. It has some obvious reasons. In Apollo starter kits you will get all the necessary facilities. However, the price is limited enough and within the expectation of the users. Apollo standard starter kits are now purchasable in $89.5. However, it is the listed price not the ultimate price of the kit. You may have a lower price including coupon codes. Moreover, you will get Apollo Extreme Starter kit in $69.95. In addition, the Superior eGo kit, VTube kit, and eSlim kit of Apollo cost $69.95, $119.95, and $69.95 successively. On the other hand, Halo G6 basic starter kit cost $44.99. This is really amazing how a starter kit can be with such a cheap price. Moreover, it provides same facilities as a usual and perfect e-cig starter kit. Halo triton starter kit cost around $64.95 with more updated facilities. In contrast, Blu V2 e-cig starter kit is also available in a very accessible price. V2 has few different starter kits. The Beginners kit costs $34.95, V2 standard e-liquid kit costs $79.95, V2 standard kit costs $59.95, and V2 Ultimate kit costs $149.95.

Coupon codes From V2 Cigs, Apollo Cigs and Halo Cigs

Apollo has decreased its price around $20 on its standard starter kit through coupon codes. In addition, a $15 discount is available in Extreme starter kit. Moreover, V2 is available with up to 40% discount on its starter kits. Whereas, Halo provides 20% to 25% discount. In all the cases these kits are providing $15 to $30 real money discount.

If you consider the above mentioned price and discounts the price of Halo e-cig starter kits is the lowest of all. You may have knowledge about the Halo starter kit features. If you have, you will definitely find it a perfect starter kit with a minimal price.

Face Off: Apollo E-cigs & Blu Cigs & Green Smoke & Halo Cigs

Also known as an e-cigarette or e-cig, electronic cigarette is a device that heats liquid that contains nicotine to produce vapour, which is inhaled by the user. E-cig enthusiasts get pleasure from smoking without the ash, smoke, odor or combustion of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Since smoking is the hardest hobby to quit, manufacturers are getting the concept of smoking, but not actually smoking. There are three famed electronic cigarette brands in the industry, the Apollo e Cigs, blue smoke and green smoke. They all provide pleasure and satisfaction to their clienteles. Each electronic cigarette company will have their own niche, something that consumers want in their products over the others. Below are the three reviews:

Apollo electronic cigs Review

When it comes to the overall customer satisfaction in the e-cigarette industry, Apollo is the best as it provides a wide range of versions including starter kits, clearomizers, e-liquid, cartomizers, disposables, accessories, batteries, and a few nice incentives. The best feature of all is the vapor. Take note that the amount of vapor you receive is the compartment of both quality and flavor. Due to its amount and quality of vapor, it is truly much like smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. Once charged, the battery will last whole day. Apollo provides a thirty day money back guarantee. Overall, the Apollo ego kit is a good e-cigarette as it is worth the money. But, for beginners, the experience may not be the best because of its battery’s size.

Green Smoke electronic cigs Review

Green Smoke has received mixed reviews throughout the years. While Green Smoke claims popularity to the quality of electronic cigarette industry, it becomes as one of the biggest names in the e-cigarette business. Green Smoke’s main supremacy is the exceptional vapor and flavor. One cartomizer provides 30 regular cigarettes. There are other benefits to choosing this type of ecigs. The first one is the distribution opportunities and loyalty program. You will still have a business opportunity while enjoying your habit. Its customer service is rated highly, and this has become one of their strong points. Their success and excellence delivered to consumers is very important for the company. Aroma and flavor choices give Green Smoke an edge over others. In this case it has four options: vanilla, chocolate, clove and mocha. Clove is the rarest flavor among e cig, offering a touch of spice. If you purchase Green Smoke in large amounts, you will definitely save money.

Blu E-cig Review

Known for its competitive prices, Blu smoke has been one of the most popular e-cigs on the market. The latest version came out with a couple packages that appear catchy to the eye of many consumers. This type of ecigs is popular in Europe and will continue to gain respect around the world. Blu smoke has a twist of nicotine. The company was rated for being innovative and functional in the social world. This device takes extra control of vaping. It offers menthol, tobacco, cherry, coffee and vanilla. Pina Colada and Peach Schnapps are nice additions. What makes Blue cigs the best is the fact that they attract customers in a simple way, yet their attraction attracts the masses. According to the many reviews, Blu Cigs has the most excellent marketing strategy in the world of ecigs.
Stop spending on rolled tobacco and make a switch to these new e-cigs. Switching to these new ecigs will not only help you quit from smoking the traditional tobacco, but also give you pleasure you always wanted. Make that choice today by getting the e-cig of your choice and become one of the vapers in the community!

Halo E-Cig Review

Halo cigs i another brand that’s been around for long and is constantly on the top E-cig brands every year. This is because Halo cigs produce superior quality E-cigarettes and with their bold designs, your Halo E-cigarette will surely get the attention it deserves. We have three things that we love the most about Halo cigs. First is the way that it produce really thick vapor in just a smooth puff. Second are their flavors. From traditional tobacco and menthol flavors to specialty flavors like midnight apple, you’ll surely find something that you love as they have 25 awesome flavors in their collection. And last but definitely not the least is that their battery last longer than other E-cig brand’s batteries around.

Best Brands Of Electronic Cigarettes, and Discount Codes

Tired of smelling like an ashtray? Feeling sick coughing? Maybe it’s time to quit smoking! But to quit smoking is one of those things that is easier said than done. It is so addictive that you cant just stop instantly. So maybe look for an alternative? Then electronic cigarettes might be a good way to go! Electronic cigarettes or E-cigarettes is a healthier – and proven cheaper – alternative to the traditional ones.

ecigscoupon Best Brands Of Electronic Cigarettes, and Discount Codes

But considering that E-cigarettes are so new, how can you figure out which brands you can trust? With new brands popping up virtually every week, it would be hard to decide which ones to buy. You need to do your homework, read reviews, read forums, watch Youtube reviews – but those are all time consuming! Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you. Here are the best E-cigarettes review ‘ed on the market. For added good news, these brands are also offering E-cig coupon codes and promotional discount deals at the moment. You can save as much as 50% with the right coupon. So check them out here.


Best Disposable Ecigs

Disposable e-cigs are often designed to look like a regular cigarette, which can make the transition less strange. But the downside is that disposables can cost you a lot and are limited to the same traditional cigarettes flavor. But for those of you who just want to give E-cigarettes a try, then this is probably the thing for you – here are the best ones to buy.

Blu Cigs – $10 – is one of the earliest E-cigarette brand in the market. They have great flavors considering that Johnson Creek, a renowned juice maker is one of the co-owners of the brand. (See this site for a 10% Off blu cig starter kit coupon)


Njoy – $9 - Popular and very easy to find online, Njoy earn its rightful place in the E-cigarette industry fast. Its flavor is the closest I’ve taste to a “real” cigarette and the soft tip and design recreates the feel and look of a tobacco smoke more than any other out there.


V2 Cigs – $15 - We at Ks.com are huge fans of V2 cigs, in fact we try to always use our V2 coupon every time. V2 is widely considered as the best E-cigarette brand out there and its quality cant be compared. V2’s disposables come in “rich tobacco” and “cool menthol” flavors, and you can choose between the 200-puff and 400-puff varieties. (V2 cigs 25 off discount on any purchase with this link… See Black Friday V2 coupons)


Green Smoke – $10 - A little less volume of vapor than some of the other popular brands Green smoke still leads the pack as one of the top 10 trusted e-cigs in the disposable arena. (See green smoke coupons)


Btw. Credit goes to Frugal Batavian and Fabudaily for the fabulouso e-cig coupon codes.

Best rechargeable e-cigarette starter kits

Rechargable Starter kits are probably the best type of E-cigarette you can get. You can use it for months (at least). You just need to recharge the batteries from time to time and refilled that juice cartridge too. And while you’ll have to spend a little bit of money up front, you’ll save hundreds of dollars in the long run by switching from tobacco cigarettes to rechargeable e-cigs. Though there are many great brands out there for starter E-cigarette kits, there’s only one brand we can trully  recommend for starter kits and that is:


V2 – $60 – as mentioned above, V2 is considered as the best E-cigarette brand out there so why fight it? They deliver a good amount of vapor output, and offer more than 12 quality flavors in their cartridges (including a level of nicotine strength – none, mild, regular, strong). The $60 starter kit gives you two batteries, a charger, and 10 cartridges pre-filled with your choice of flavor and nicotine strength. V2 E-cigarettes are probably the best to go. Don’t take my word for it, Joe @ ecigologist.com also highly recommends them in his v2 cigs review – ultimate starter kit. Get 15% off w/this v2 coupon code.

Best recharging e-cigarette case

Blu Cigs with their Social features still got the best recharging E-cigarette case out there. With their social feature, the Blu cigs pack will vibrate everytime another Blu cig user or Blu cig retail shop is on a 50 meter area. This is perfect for socializing and exchanging stories about Blu cigs. That’s definitely not the only reason why, but they definitely won the style points here and made their charging case standout. Get their blu cigs pack today at a dicsounted price using these blu ecigarette discount coupons

The Many Benefits Of Coupons And Deals

We probably all know the importance of coupons and deals – using coupons can result to lots of dollar worth of savings- and that is what probably brought you to here, the newest online coupon and deal site KuminSommers.com. But to help us appreciate coupons more, here’s a list of its many benefits. Read on.


Amazing Savings

Who would not want to save a penny or a dollar? No one! And coupon can help you do just that. You can get coupons to absolutely anything you want, from groceries to clothing, gadgets to vacation deals. And you can save up more than 50% of your overall bill if you add up those little coupons together, particularly at a grocery store! So start couponing because you’ll never know what amazing savings are waiting for you.


To Try Something New Because It’s In Low Price

A lot of times, I find myself clipping coupon on things or activities that I dont normally use or do. This is because coupons give us a great opportunity to try something new while it is in a lower price. So go ahead and have a foot spa and get your nails done at the new sophisticated salon in the block (rather than doing it yourself) or try if that new cereal really taste good. The idea is that, there;s really nothing to lose, because it is in a low price, and if it doesnt work out, you can always switch back to what you are at ease to.


The Opportunity To Buy in Bulk

One major benefits of coupons is that they provide a reason to stock up on the items you use the most at a time when you can save money doing it. You know, those buy two, get three free coupons. You’ve got nothing to lose anyway as you love using them!



Coupons are not a one sided thing! It maybe geared toward consumers saving money but it also comes in handy for the provider store. It becomes their marketing strategy.  Not only does it contribute to the positive image of the store because of the discount and savings, but it also makes the name of the store more prominent on the shopper’s radar. This benefits new stores a lot as people will know their stores quickly and if their service is great, they would have new customers, with or without coupons.


The benefits of coupons are numerous, these are just some things to keep in mind. At the end of the day, it only proves that coupons do wonders and they are definitely here to stay! So bookmark our site to be up to date on the hottest coupons and deals online. See you around!


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